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Kevin Au-yeung

Professional Journey

Dr. Kevin Au-yeung is originally from Canada. After deciding to pursue General Practice, he moved to Hong Kong to study medicine and completed his general practice there. Through practicing in a busy public clinic in Hong Kong for the 7 years, he gained experience in working with patients of a wide variety of different backgrounds. He obtained his FRACGP in 2019. He relocated from Hong Kong to Melbourne in 2023.

Dr. Kevin Au-yeung is proud to be working with people and helping them make better choices while providing each patient with compassionate, personal and expert care.

歐陽亦軒醫生於2013年在香港中文大學獲取內外全科醫學士. 他其後在香港醫管局接受家庭醫學科訓練. 歐陽醫生於2019獲得香港家庭醫學學院院士及澳洲皇家全科醫學院院士。


Doctor Taking Notes
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